We survived another pride week!

Dear All,

The annual Pride Festival is our biggest opportunity for outreach, and we succeeded in having a presence one more time. Thank you to Aubrey for his Herculean 12 hours on Saturday, and another 12 on Sunday; and thank you to Les, Jawj, and jeff Yunes (from Students for Liberty), for the hours they could give.

At the next LPSF meeting, I will have a report on the event.


Thank you so much Marcy, Aubrey, Les, Jawj, and Jeff. I'm sure I speak for
the entire Outright Libertarians Executive Committee when I say that San
Francisco Pride is the most important outreach event for Outright, and we
are absolutely thrilled that the LPSF activists are willing to put so much
time, money, and effort into publicizing libertarian support of LGBT
equality under the law.

Thank you again,


Not to diminish the work of LPSF ā€” which Iā€™m sure was excellent as
always ā€” but the OLNH Big Gay Dance Party at PorcFest was pretty good,
too. (-:


I've heard that Buzz did a fantastic job as usual, organizing the "Big Gay"
presence in NH, and that's probably our most important inward-facing event
(presumably, folks at PorcFest already know that libertarians are good on
queer issues). But SF Pride lets us reach more non-libertarians with that
message than any other event in the nation, and given that we seem to have
trouble finding actual LGBT libertarians to organize anything for us in the
San Francisco area, we're extremely grateful to our straight allies in LPSF
who fill that gap and do this important work for us. Besides the usual time
and expense of SF Pride, Marcy and Aubrey had the additional hassle of a
canopy malfunction this year, and the last I heard were soldiering on with
hats and sunscreen due to the lack of cover. Now, that's dedication.

Good to hear, Chris!


Well, compared to what. A Chinese student from the Mainland asked to take the quiz and warned that it would take him a long time because he had to use the dictionary. When he finally finished, i tried to engage him in conversation. His story of reading libertarian literature on the internet and communicating with othe underground students of like mind, risking arrest or worse is dedicatiom way beyond my 24 hours of Pride booth staffing. I was humbled at his dedication to liberty.


That's the sort of story that makes it all worth it. Thanks for sharing,

This is why doing OPH is always a good idea.


Meeting people like that blow away any experience that nearly any of us
might have.

Even at PorcFest, I met folks from around the world, from Slovakia and
Texas, who had to buck the system to learn about ideas of individual
liberty and free-market economics.

For us, it heartens our own dedication (or it bloody well ought to, anyway).

For them, it reminds them that they are not alone, that there are others
out there who agree with them and will support them.

And for everyone else, it is a good lesson: to remind some self-assured
SFian that there is a student in the PRC who is risking his
already-limited liberty to learn about real liberty helps to put things
in perspective.


Dear Chris and All,

So, following the theme of our being better off by listening, new article on LPSF website. Just a hope that folks will join lpsf-discuss to tell their stories. BTW, the student I talked about was quite emotional about meeting a libertarian face to face, and I did get the feeling that he felt that, as Chris said, he was not alone.