[we request your presence]

Dear 701 Supporters

we will be having a press conference next
Wednesday, March 31, 2004 at 11:00 am
at 701 Lombard at Columbus Ave.

The purpose of the conference is not announce that the
Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods - over 30 neighborhood groups
from across San Francisco have come out strongly against the misuse of
the power of
eminent domain by of Aaron Peskin to seize our land, block our disabled
accessible housing project, and siphon off scarce park funds meant for
neighborhoods with real proven need who have gone through the proper
CIty Charter mandated process and are waiting for parks.

A strong turnout will send a strong message that the vast majority of
San Franciscans are opposed to this hijacking of public funds and the
public process.

we shall have lunch afterwards at a nearby cafe.

hope to see you there!


— Brian O'Flynn
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