We need an Independence Day Party [1 Attachment]

We need to do something for LPSF on Sunday, July 4. Something reasonably
outdoors but comfortable for those who aren't outdoorsy. A grill would be

Does anyone have a house with a yard and would like to host such a thing?

If not, I'd be happy to host. Archstone FINALLY got around to finishing up
the construction and landscaping that's been going on since last fall, and
it's now quite pretty here. Photo attached.

Marcy, can we have a few minutes on tomorrow's agenda to discuss this? I
think the failing of past socials is that we haven't planned very far in
advance. A couple months' notice via email and snail mail may help.


Is it? I thought it got rescheduled to October in Hollywood. Angela Keaton
is one of the speakers there:


Does anyone have tickets to a July 1-4 Libertopia in San Francisco?


Found people complaining about the change in date/venue:


I plan to post something there inviting them to the LPSF July 4 event once
we're sure it's happening.


I was slated to be a speaker at the SF Libertopia.

It was changed to Oct. in LA.

Warm regards, Michael


My fee is $1500 per day, plus expenses, not to speak. Can you afford it?

Warm regards, Michael

Dear Dr. Mike;

Only $1500 plus expenses??? Is that in US dollars??? Then the 15cents I have should cover that and the 10 cents to cover expenses as the US dollar is so vastly over-flated blo-flated gross-flated and just plain inflated the 25 cents should cover it quite well. LOL

Now if we were talking real genuine gold backed certificates then that would be a different story. That would be of course if the Fort Knox gold depository had any gold bullion in it in the first place. ( Do I hear a conspiracy theory out there?)

Ron Getty