We Have At Least 9 Libertarians in Napa County

Hi All! Just wanted to give a brief report on my visit to New Technology High School in Napa this past Wednesday as requested by a Civics teacher for his senior class. The project was for the students to pick a political party, research it, pick an issue and analyze it under a few different demographics, and then present it to their class. He asked for a representative from each party to listen to the students' presentations and critique them and make recommendations. I was presented to 3 different groups (of 3 each) of students who chose the LP, and I watched their presentations and was very pleased to see these young people carrying the torch.

The first group chose immigration as their issue, and I think this ended up being my favorite group. A very unpopular topic in these hard economic times, I really saluted them for choosing this issue. The lead spokesperson for this group was a delightful young lady (the only female of the 9 students I met--how typical of our own Libertarian demographics) who spoke about the open online discussion they had for their feedback as part of their research, and how emotional people got about this subject. They chose Hispanics as their main demographic group and proposed reaching out to this group since the bulk of immigrants are from Mexico and points south, this is a growing demographic group in the US, and the pro-immigrant attitude of Libertarians should have great appeal to Hispanics.

The second group chose reducing taxes as their issue and discussed the challenges of appealing to 18-24 year olds as opposed to the 60-80 year old crowd. Those who pay versus those on the receiving end--especially when it comes to the problem of Social Security--yet another "well-meaning" government scheme that has ended up pitting one group against another. And I advised them to add as a final point to their presentation that this is usually how all such government programs end up.

The third group talked about foreign policy and wars, starting with 911, and they made a very powerful (and pretty professional) video starting with the attacks on the Twin Towers (that I could barely watch) and then the US Government's bombings abroad as part of the "war on terror." One of the demographic groups they chose was women, and they noted from their research that women in a certain age group (I think it was 20-39, but I'm probably a bit off on the years, but generally it was relatively younger women) go online and get most of their news and information from the internet/Facebook, so the LP should try to appeal to that group more via that medium.

My only disappointment was that I didn't get to see all of the students' presentations (for all the parties presented), not just the LP, but the teacher told me that they simply didn't have time for all that due to the time constraint of being in the final days of school before graduation. He did say, however, that he will broach the subject again in the fall in time for the general election, so perhaps they will have something similar or some type of panel presentation, and I told him that I would happy to attend that also.

All in all, another worthwhile event to help and support the young adults of tomorrow who will need to carry the Libertarian message of freedom.


Hi Aubrey,

What an interesting meeting! Thank you for going. I am wondering if there would be a way for LPSF to publicize the student video you mentioned.



  Sounds fascinating! Thanks for going and representing us. We should try to get the contact info from this event to Libertarians in the Napa area. Did you get any info from the 9 students who chose the LP, or just the teacher? I'm definitely interested in going too if they do a follow-up event.

Love & Liberty,
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