We got a brief mention in Wednesday's Examiner

At the Board of Supervisors meeting on the eminent domain matter Tuesday I ran into SF Examiner reporter Adriel Hampton and exchanged a few words. I wasn't quoted in his resulting article, but he did mention Libertarians among the opponents of the plan to have the city take Brian O'Flynn and Martin Coyne's land for a park. From the October 22 Examiner (page 1):

"Arguably no issue but homelessness has brought more citizens to City Hall in recent years. Nonprofit workers and Chinese-American tenants joined small children and neighborhood activists to challenge the planned nine-unit apartment building slated for the site. Businesspeople, conservatives, Libertarians, builders and more neighborhood activists accused city officials of an end-run to stop the building despite the developers' willingness to negotiate." (the quote is in the continuation of the story on page 8)

Yours in liberty,
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