Warren Redlich Arrested at Police Checkpoint in Florida

Warren Redlich, the Internet Scammer who became the Libertarian Party
Candidate for New York Governor after not revealing his true background was
just arrested at a police checkpoint in Florida.


Redlich was testing out his theory that when the police stop a suspected
drunk driver he can avoid arrest simply by holding up a sign to the window
that he was asserting his constitutional rights to remain silent.

He claims that Florida law only requires the driver to show his drivers
license and he complies with the law by pressing the license against the
window, without actually rolling down the window and handing it over.

You can see the result as Redlich was arrested and handcuffs were put on

He claims he proved his point by being released a short time thereafter but
I would suggest that if he tries that again with the same police officers
he might wind up spending the night in jail.

Sam Sloan


  Internet scammer? I don't know the story on that. But Warren is a hero in my book for standing up for drivers' rights by risking arrest not physically handing over his license. He also got some terrific publicity on this -- #1 trending story on Facebook at one point, apparently:


  I think the libertarian community should honor people for challenging bad laws.

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

Warren Redlich got more publicity for his stunt of refusing to roll down
his window when he is stopped by the police.


Looks like good publicity to me.


Huuuummm. If he was stopped on suspicion of drunk driving as Sam indicates, and wants to avail himself of his rights not to roll down his window so the officer can have a better understanding whether he is indeed drunk, then best thing would be for a police cruiser to block his way until enough time has elapsed that he would be sober. That could cost taxpayers some money, but better than a drunk driver killing someone in some highway.


I think the "libertarian" practice of praising martyrs, hauled away by an unjust regime, is despicable, when they themselves allow the injustice to continue. They become no better than worms, each one put on the hook, while the others wiggle in the bait-box.

I can't figure out if it is servility, or the ravages of brainwashing.
And then there is the quality of the news-making figures to consider. Is the best we got?

If he was individually stopped on suspicion of drunk driving because he was weaving on the road or something, that seems reasonable enough Marcy. But I strongly suspect that he was stopped at a checkpoint where police were stopping every single driver passing through, just because. That's what they often do. I've heard reporters on the radio warning people where police were conducting one of these checkpoints, and seen TV news segments broadcasting live from checkpoints.

  My surmise is that Redlich heard where one of these checkpoints was happening, and like a good activist, put on his "I remain silent/No searches/I want my lawyer" t-shirt that you can see him wearing in the photo of his arrest accompanying the IPR article, and deliberately drove over to where people were being stopped for no good reason, in order to stand up for the public's rights.

  It pains me to see that the first reaction among some Libertarians to this kind of courageous and effective activism by one of our own is to criticize the Libertarian activist and imply that he should be viewed as guilty until proven innocent. Maybe we are doing something wrong.

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

"Where freedom is, there is my country."
-Benjamin Franklin

"Where freedom is not, there is my country."
-Thomas Paine

Hi Starchild,

You are correct that if Redlich was at a checkpoint where everyone passing through had to show their driver's license, then he did the right thing, and I would admire his courage.

Sam's post was unclear, mentioning both a checkpoint and a "suspected drunk driver." To me those are two very different issues. To call Redlich a "hero" without asking for clarification, in my view, is not admiring courageous activism but reacting without thought.

That's why I posted the other viewpoint, just to show there seemed to be another narrative possible. On second thought, you are correct that my post appeared as if I had jumped to the conclusion that Redlich was indeed stopped for suspicion of drunk driving, and I admit that also was a rash decision!



  Between praising our martyrs and criticizing them, I choose praising them! Is it good to do more? Certainly! But each of us has to make the decision of how much we want to stick our necks out. You're not in jail or a fugitive from the law right now (that I'm aware of) -- are you suggesting that's because you're too servile, or have been brainwashed?

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

I think you missed my point. How can I sleep at night knowing Chelsea Manning is tortured everyday? But I go about my business like the rest of us.

I must be servile or brainwashed...or what, to spend time debating the fine points of libertarian theory.