War & Law Forum "U.S. Wars - Are They Lawful?" Nov. 11, 2012

Hi All,

Some of us on the LPSF lists are members of the War and Law League, and some have met Paul Lovinger, the League's founder. Paul has requested that I help him promote the League's forum.


Armistice Day Forum
Presented by The War and Law League
Sunday, November 11, 2012, 1:30 pm
Koret Auditorium, San Francisco Main Library
100 Larkin Street, San Francisco

Free Admission

Featuring: Medea Benjamin (Co-Founder of Code Pink), Cindy Sheehan (War Protester), David Swanson (Author/Director of democrats.com)

For more information: http//warandlaw.org
For RSVP: warandlaw@yahoo.com 415 948-9616


  Thanks for the heads-up. Can you tell Paul we would like a libertarian panelist added to this forum? Perhaps someone from Anti-War.com located here in SF? Right now they appear to have only three leftists on the bill.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

Yes...get Justin Raimondo who is local.


Do you know how to contact Justin? I am hoping he can help me to revive Burt Blummert's network.