War and Law League Annual Presentation 3/30/08

Dear All,

Some of us LPSF members are also members of the non-profit War and Law
League. This organization focuses on reminding our elected officials
that there are rules of engagement, treaties, and other contracts that
in an ideal world would not be necessary, but in our world perhaps
they are. The War and Law League will hold its Annual public meeting
and optional luncheon on March 30, 12:45 pm, First Unitarian
Universalist Church, Franklin and Geary Streets, San Francisco.
Admission is free.

Featured speaker this year will be Daniel Ellsberg, of "Pentagon
Papers" fame.

Please come and support this effort. If you are not yet a member, and
like what you hear and see about The War and Law League, you might
want to contribute $10 annual membership.