Want to lead a brigade of 70 people to impeach Bush? 8)


I share your frustration and displeasure about these individuals.

As an alternative, why not start a Meetup Group of libertarians, independents, and conservatives to impeach Bush? You could call the group something like "Free Marketeers to Impeach Bush" or "Constitutionalists to Impeach Bush."

Best, Michael

Michael and Don,

  The people who sign up for a Meetup group such as "Impeach Bush" are not an organized group with a particular agenda. Being that we are in San Francisco, and that most people who dislike Bush are leftists, its a safe bet that most of the 70 people who signed up are on the political left. But that's about the only generalization that can be made about them.

  Someone will probably step forward as organizer to lead this group at some point, if they haven't already done so. Wouldn't it be better if that person was a libertarian, so as to focus the group's attention on the *constitutional* reasons for impeaching Bush, and perhaps prevent the group from becoming a vehicle of another party, such as the Democrats? That's all I'm saying.

Yours in liberty,
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