wanna see somethin' real scary ? SFPD seeks Taser contract AGAIN !!!!!


  I hear you, it is pretty pathetic. A bunch of people need to have their "progressive" credentials taken away over this (where is a government licensing agency when you actually need one? hmmm...) You may be right that generic petitions are ineffective, although I don't think any petition can hurt. However I'll bet a petition of San Francisco registered voters pledging not to vote for or support any politician who supports the SFPD having Tasers, and including their names and addresses, would have a remarkably concentrating effect on the attention of the powers that be. I guess the question is, are activists willing to put their money where their mouths are on this issue, so to speak, if it meant the possibility of having to go on record as refusing to support various supposedly progressive Democrats?

  Another idea is to establish a reward fund for SFPD officers willing to be Tasered themselves, and go around distributing the fliers to cops and posting them at police stations. This could be a no-lose proposition for us -- if few or no SFPD officers volunteered to be Tasered they would look like cowards and/or hypocrites, while if they do step forward, it could be a sobering and educational experience that would make them less likely to use the weapon on others. They would have to agree to be videotaped getting Tasered, and to be interviewed immediately after the experience. The videos of cops getting Tasered would of course go up on the Internet.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Wouldn’t help. The cops Taser each other for fun at parties and
initiation-type events. Apparently, getting Tasered *once* is not *all*
that bad when one is *expecting* it, at least not beyond cop macho
parameters. It’s only a problem when one gets Tasered nine, twelve,
twenty times (with a broken back, in handcuffs, etc.) or isn’t capable
of passing a PD physical.



I believe the difference in result between citizens and police officers who are tasered stem, in part, from the difference in mind set that exists between being arrested and tasered by an unknown, intimidating thug-with-a-badge, and not being arrested and tasered for fun by a friend or person of equal status.

I believe a citizen who is stopped by a police officer is under heightened psychological and physiological stress that stems from having to deal with a potentially life-threatening situation that includes immediate loss of control over life and property, and the stress of having to deal with an unknown, short-term future that could quickly turn into a nightmare. Will I be arrested? Will I be beaten? Will I be tasered? Will I be shot? Will I be raped and sodomized Abner-Louima style by "peace" officers? Will I be taken to jail? Will I be beaten and raped by prisoners in jail? Will I loose my license and not be able to get to work and become unemployed? Will the jack-booted thug-with-a-badge find marijuana residue in my car's ashtray? Is my blood alcohol content below .08? Will the cop plant false evidence in my car? Could this lead to ten years in prison? Will I be deported and separated from my family? Etcetera.

The cop that is tasered for fun by another cop might receive a lower-dose jolt and will not receive multiple jolts. The cop that is tasered for fun knows he is not going to jail, knows he not going to be beaten, etc. He, also, knows that if he requ
ires immediate medical attention he will get it. If the cop that is tasered for fun wants to get up and take a swing at his pig-partner, he can do so without negative-legal consequence.

Because police are taught that tasers are non-lethal, tasers are one of the most dangerous weapons in the policeperson's arsenal. Since police officers believe tasers are non-lethal they are, in my opinion, likely to use tasers in a non-judicious manner. Guns, on the other hand, are a known lethal weapon and are probably used in a more cautious manner, not out of concern for citizens, but because of the likelihood of a lawsuit that could negatively impact the outlaw officer .

Starchild, thanks for bringing up this subject.

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Don Fields

In that case I will simply modify my suggestion to include multiple Taserings for the volunteer cops, to be administered when they are not necessarily expecting it. Perhaps they could be blindfolded.

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        ((( starchild )))