Walter Block's talk

Your second question is easier that the first. I don't have a problem with my neighbor setting up a teraherz camera. It's my problem to protect my privacy either by buying the technology to block it's intrusiveness or inventing it. And if I can't: too bad.
Re the government's right to do it. I don't recognize the gov's right to do anything really because I don't consider the government legitimate (or the uses, like the war on drugs that it would put that kind of tech to).
Re your first question: since I don't consider the gov legitimate I don't know how to answer. The best I can do is to imagine that in an anarchist soc I had contracted with an insurance co to provide me with protection and it failed to keep a secret and that endangered me. Assuming that were a violation of the contract I would have the right to sue for damages, or my heirs might.
By analogy you could say that if the gov doesn't protect our military secrets, citizens should be able to sue for damages.
I could be wrong but I believe that to sue the government you have to get their permission...

I've noticed quite a few of the candidates for
governor have their interviews available online-

Ned Roscoe and Jack Hickey included.

Another good one to watch is Logan Darrow Clements who
I teamed up with on the Walk for Capitalism a couple
of years ago. Of course some of you may find him
doubly offensive since he's both an Objectivist AND
running as a Republican(yikes!) He gives a good
interview however, so check him out if you have time.