Walter Block Speaker Event + SFL Conference

Topic: Advanced Libertarianism: Roads, Immigration, Environment, Military.
How free markets make sense both ethically and economically. Dr. Block
has written books on two of these topics: Privatization of Roads and
Highways, and Economics and the Environment: A Reconciliation.

Students for Liberty, UC Berkeley
Fri. 5 Nov. at 8:00 PM
Location TBA

Students For Liberty (the national organization) will be hosting their
Northern California Regional Conference at UC Berkeley this fall!
The conference will take place on Saturday, November 6th and will
feature dozens of students from pro-liberty organizations around
the Bay Area and an all-star lineup libertarian speakers.

Speakers include:
- David Boaz, Vice President of the Cato Institute
- John Dennis, Congressional Candidate for San Francisco District 8
- Patri Friedman, Executive Director of the Seasteading Institute
- Anthony Gregory, Editor-in-Chief of Campaign for Liberty
- Jeff Hummel, Professor of Economics at San Jose State University

The conference is ABSOLUTELY FREE. No registration fee is required,
and the event includes THREE FREE MEALS.

Thus, I encourage everyone to register for this FREE action-packed day
of liberty at the following link:

Also, for more information, visit the conference's official web page at:

If you haven't seen the documentary, "For Liberty: How the Ron Paul
Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty," check it out.
I just finished watching it, and it is excellent! I highly recommend it to
everyone. Having talked to Ron Paul followers on the East Coast this
summer, I have been truly astonished of how powerful his campaign
was to many libertarians' lives. This documentary is a true testimonial
of this power.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or ideas,
please feel free to email me. As for now--

Cheers to liberty,
Casey Given