Voting Question

Dear Richard,

When is the deadline for registered Libertarians to change their
registration to Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the 5 June CA Republican

Warm regards, Michael

Reg card must be postmarked May 21 for a CA resident to be eligible to vote in the June Primary.
Are many people still planning to change? Would anyone like to help organize a campaign to get them (back) into the LP after June?

Harland HarrisonLP of San Mateo County CA

Hi Harland! We talked at our last meeting about having some sort of party to ease the pain of registering Republican to vote for Ron Paul. This is a great idea to get after folks to switch back after the primary. I think a lot of Libertarians remained Republicans after switching parties for Ron Paul in 2008, and we never got them back. After sitting through a meeting of the Republican Liberty Caucus last month after the rally for Ron Paul at the Hyatt, I have to say there is some hope for the Republican Party--but not that much. I guess it all depends on how much you can stomach. I will help to organize a campaign to welcome them back home to the LP. Thanks for the idea!


P.S. I checked with the Secretary of State about the switching business. They recommended mailing the form to your county rather than the state, since they end up sending it to your county anyway. No reason to take it down in person unless you wait for the very last minute. Also, after you send in the registration form, they will send back a confirming postcard that the change has been recorded. If you don't get the confirming postcard back, you should contact the Secretary of State or your county election office to ensure the change was made.