Voting for a Chimp

In November 1988, Tião, a chimpanzee, was nominated as mayoral candidate of Rio de Janeiro on behalf of the Brazilian Bananist Party; he received more than 400,000 votes. The idea of having an ape run as candidate came from a group of comedians that intended to highlight the unqualified nature of the other contenders, but the popular response surpassed their expectations.

Tião the chimp received 9.5% of the vote and became the third most voted candidate during the election run and an instant celebrity, to the extent that the city even dedicated a statue in his honor after he passed away. The Electoral Tribunal, of course, dismissed the validity of the votes (something to do with electronic voting machines in Florida).

According to the article, a black Lab is currently mayor of Rabbit Hash, KY (, something I hadn't known after all the times I've driven through Rabbit Hash.


I hope electing furry animals to government office becomes a permanent local, national and international trend. I prefer furry congress critters to the fanged, double-talking, coiffed reptiles that currently hold government office. Ditto for all past administrations.

All the best,

Don Fields