Voter Registration Drive


  I wouldn't bother cutting off the door hanger part. I wish we had some additional literature or booth items though.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild and Marcy! I agree, Marcy, don't waste your energy with the
scissors--the door hangers will work just fine, as is. I think what I'll do is
hunt around for some additional literature to feature at our voter registration
drive. At the same time, I may find something suitable for Rob to put on
his little discs for the high school project.

As for the Saturday, perhaps as early as next weekend, weather permitting. But
I may need an extra week or two to get my hands on more goodies for our table.
I will update and confirm with you at least a few days in advance as to time and
location (I assume 19th and Holloway would be the busiest and best spot).