Voter List for Petition Party

Hi Rob,

I am printing the 200 copies of Phil letter and bringing them to Phil's home today. It sounded that you would be e-mailing the voter list to Phil for him to print. I am assuming that the party guests would be using the list to address the envelopes. So, maybe I could print the voter list at the same time I print the letter. Please let me know if I am visualizing all this correctly or not!

BTW, to fit the spreadsheet on the page (landscape) I will have to pare down the columns to name and address, and whatever else will fit.


Yes, significantly reducing the columns and rearranging them before printing
makes sense to me. Even Name and Address is split up into so many fields
that it will still be 10 columns. :slight_smile:

I am trying to figure out a way to give Phil what he wants -- a
cross-referenced list of LP members and RegLibs. But there are issues. For
instance, in the LP rolls, I'm Rob Power, but in the Master Voter list, I'm
Robert Northington Power. I'm thinking the best key to use is last name +
street number. I suppose that won't differentiate between siblings and
married couples in the same home, but it's the best I can think of.

And do any of the officers have a copy of the LP member list later than Nov
28? If not, I'll just use that.



Last LPSF roster I saw was November. So, do I hear that you are going to work on the list some more? Or do you want me to print what you sent earlier to take to Phil when I take the letters?

You asked for suggestions on the cross referencing. I would just print the November LPSF roster, and give it to Phil, along with the voter roster. Then people doing the envelopes can give priority to the members, then go on to the others.


Sounds like a good plan, Marcy. Since I've not been able to cross-reference
the two lists, if you can just print both the LPC and LNC rosters along with
the spreadsheet (minus some columns not needed for addressing envelopes,
using your best judgment), that would be fantastic.


Hi Phil and Rob,

Package delivered this morning (Sunday) to Phil's home. I included a printout of Rob's voter District 8 list with just the basic info needed to address the envelopes. I also included the LPCA membership roster. But I did not have time to print the LNC roster. I also did not have time to transpose the columns of the voter list, to make it easier to address the envelopes. So, participants need to be careful using the information!!

Phil, the Kinko machines were not working very well, and some of the copies look smudged to me. Therefore, I printed about 300 copies, so that you all can throw away the copies that do not look perfect. I even tried different kinds of paper to see if that was the problem, so you will see the letters in a couple of colors of paper.

Hope the party is a success!