Vote to help Ben Swann win a Super Bowl commercial to promote truth in media and investigative journalism focused on important issues

Independent journalist Ben Swann is competing to win a free commercial in the Super Bowl. I presume the commercial he will use if he wins is the one depicted in the video on the page linked below. It's pretty good, and I'd love to see it aired to millions of people!

  If you would too, try to remember to vote once each day, and spread the word --

  More info in message from libertarian activist Zak Carter below.

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This is a really great campaign. The rules for this contest were rather loose, and you can vote for more than one "business" in this contest (and vote multiple times). Another one worthy of your support is NORML's effort to put cannabis legalization on the roster of Superbowl ads, and is currently the ranking as the highest-voted entrant so far:

Terry Floyd