VOTE - San Mateo Daily Journal poll on raising debt ceiling

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Default is way ahead!

One of the best consequences of a default: no money to fund the

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debt ceiling

Is this a good thing? Are we sure? I want the soldiers discharged; I don't
want the soldiers to go unpaid. What will they do? Will they just stage a
"Bonus March" -- or will they stage an actual military coup? "Starve the
beast," we say, but we should remember that a hungry animal is very dangerous.
Can we count on "Oath Keepers" to hold unpaid soldiers to the law? Play the
"Star Spangled Banner" and hope they all stand and salute?

Harland Harrison
LP of San Mateo County CA


My opinion is that it is high time to make the profession of soldiering as unattractive as possible in hopes of reducing the ranks, ending busy-body intervention in other countries' affairs, and, if we stretch it, lessening the possibility of an armed coup. The only way I see right now to accomplish this is to refuse to raise the debt ceiling, and as Bernanke said in his usual vapid way, "The economy could evolve in a way that would warrant a move towards less accommodative policy." ("accommodative" ?!?)