Vote NO on Sen. Charles Schumer's "Veterans Disarmament Act" (H.R. 2640)!


  Given your abysmal voting records on such things. I do not expect you to listen to me and others who care about the right to keep and bear arms. Nevertheless, for the record I urge you to vote NO on Sen. Charles Schumer's "Veterans Disarmament Act" (H.R. 2640). I strongly object to this backdoor attempt to disarm many innocent United States residents.

  I have addressed this message to Senator Feingold in addition to you, the two Senators who claim to represent the state (California) in which I live, because I think he is perhaps the U.S. Senate member who best understands the danger of the United States becoming a police state (which is not saying much, given that most or all of the Senate is actively complicit in this march toward authoritarianism, including, I am sorry to say, yourselves), and I am hopeful that he may yet wake up and realize how RKBA relates to this danger.

  We have been told, as activists and citizens, that we are supposed to address elected officials politely. I used to try to do that, but have decided that henceforth I am generally going to tell it like it is. While I'm not going to go to the extreme of calling names and such, I think that things have progressed to the stage where observing superficial niceties with those who wield power does little to advance the cause of freedom. Seeking change by writing to one's "representatives," especially at the federal level, is simply a numbers game, and being traditionally polite simply serves to provide those engaging in unconstitutional abuses of power with a veneer of respectability that they do not deserve.

  Yes I am angry with the lot of you -- righteously angry, in the old-fashioned sense of the word "righteous" -- and I have good reason to be. Even if you were to have me arrested on trumped-up charges for daring to speak so boldly -- and I hope things have not yet gotten to that stage -- it will not change the truth that much of what you've been doing is deeply wrong. In your heart of hearts, I think you know it as well as I do.

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