"Visualize the Debt" = spending $443,937 per second for a year

I'm not a big fan of mass email appeals for funding. For one thing, they don't usually tell you exactly what your money is going to pay for. But this appeal does, and I think it's for a pretty important cause -- Young Americans for Liberty is asking people to help college students build more 40-foot long "national debt clocks" like the one constructed by the YAL chapter at Auburn University (see photo below). They tell you specifically what a donation at different levels ($25, $55, $100, etc.) will pay for, and if you give $100, you will be connected directly with the college chapter you will personally be sponsoring to purchase hardware, paint, and other materials.

  Like Campaign for Liberty, whose president wrote the introductory message below, Young Americans for Liberty is a very libertarian-oriented group (you can check out their statement of principles here -- http://www.yaliberty.org/about/mission) that grew out of the grassroots Ron Paul for president campaign in 2008.

  Anyone who takes a minute to seriously think about the size of the U.S. government's debt and how future generations are being saddled with this prosperity-destroying burden that is only slated to keep getting worse unless government priorities drastically change, should see how important an issue this is for young people in the United States and anyone who cares about their future. In truth, the proposal mentioned below to cut $500 billion in federal spending doesn't go anywhere near far enough!

  But by helping college students focus attention on this issue, hopefully we can motivate more members of Congress and the president to get serious about cutting irresponsible over-spending on things like the 700+ U.S. government military bases overseas, the failed "War on Drugs" (which is receiving more funding under Obama than it did under George W. Bush, even though Obama reportedly no longer uses that term!), bailouts of banks and other big corporations, subsidies to big agricultural interests, and other colossal wastes of stolen taxpayer dollars. Not to mention the secret and unaccountable creation of money and manipulation of markets by the Federal Reserve, which leaders of both establishment parties in Congress have protected by blocking Ron Paul's legislation to audit the Fed!

  I hope you will read the messages below and join me in doing what you can to support this effort.

Love & Liberty,
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