Vegan Dinner, Facts About Fructose and the Great Debate

This Wed. evening, Jan. 26th at 6 pm, enjoy a feature-packed evening at
Opera Plaza, 601 Van Ness St., San Francisco. First, savor a delicious all
you can eat vegan dinner, handcrafted by Patricia Allen Koot, NC, certified
Nutrition Consultant. Patricia's vegan lasagnas have received rave reviews.
Last week, she introduced Greek lasagna, which proved to be a flavor
sensation. Come and taste her creations yourself, this week!

Next, right after dinner, discover startling facts about fructose, once
thought to be the ideal alternative to cane sugars. Alarming facts about
fructose will be presented. This is a study you can't afford to miss.

Then, stay for the Great Debate. This 'News Hour' caliber of formal debate
will be on an important question of public policy. The debaters are Dr.
Marty Nemko, KGO-AM and NPR talk shows host, and Anthony Gregory, prolific
author and research analyst. Here is the description of the debate:


Do the poor fare better with or without Govt intervention?


Anthony Gregory: Author, Independent Institute research analyst.

Dr. Marty Nemko: Career coach, author, NPR and KGO-AM talk shows host.

The moderator for the debate will ask each presenter a series of questions,
after which other questions may be fielded from the audience.

This is a topic of national interest, addressed by highly respected
presenters who have a nationwide audience.

All this--the all you can eat vegan dinner, the presentation about fructose
and the great debate, are yours for a minimum requested donation of $15.00.
The chef and the participants are volunteering their time, donations go
toward facility rental, food and related costs.

The venue is one of San Francisco's premier downtown locations, the Opera
Plaza Community Room, 601 Van Ness. Take the elevator to the first floor,
then security will key you down to the mezzanine.

Adding to the dinner's ambience will be featured recordings by accomplished
cellist Iseut Chuat.

Don't miss this feature-packed evening of great food, outstanding
presentations and pleasant company. RSVP to 707-774-1904 or email to:

Warm regards,

David Koot

Dear Michael E.,

Thank you so much for arranging and moderating this Great Debate. I had an excellent time, and felt good about the guests having a chance to listen to "our" side. Although the before and after show of hands on the debate question was about the same (50/50), I think we won, since one guest said she was initially for the premise that the poor are better off with government help, but after the debate she was undecided.

Making friends with different organizations that might afford us a chance to shine, like Anthony Gregory did tonight, is an idea I wholeheartedly support. (Not to detract from Marty Nemko's efforts, which were also outstanding.)

BTW, loved the food -- pushed me a little closer to the non-aggression principle!