Using Bum Statistics To Repeal Ownership Of Firearms

Dear All;

The next time someone starts throwing around
gun death statistics as a means to repeal gun
ownership laws throw this back at them. This
is from National Safety Council and is compiled
from 2005.

This against a population of some 300 million.

Deaths from assault by firearms including PD shootings: 12,600

Falls And Mechanical Accidental Deaths: 69,368

When are you going to outlaw machinery and tripping
over your own two feet?

Motor Vehicle deaths: 45,343

When are you going to outlaw motor vehicles?

Intentional Self-Harm: 32,637

When are you going to ban all the things people
use to commit suicide? (Knives - tall buildings - ropes)

Accidental Poisoning: 23,618

When are you you going to outlaw all poisons?

Remember when seconds count the police are just minutes away.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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