US Troops March and Drive Into Eastern Ukraine Bearing Nazi Insignia and Mass-Death

It saddens me how many people are unable to see, or don't care, that the spread of Nazi-ism is literally happening under our very noses and Obama is SUPPORTING the slaughter of innocent, peaceful people. The regime in Kiev is notoriously corrupt and the poor people of Eastern Ukraine held a peaceful election to vote to secede from the Ukraine and join Russia but the evil regime in Kiev, Western Ukraine won't let them. Why the hell are we against self-determination and for suppression and repression? Oh, yeah, I forgot. That is how the US works ever since the War Against Peaceful Secession here in this country.
And, oh, by the way, the evidence now is overwhelming that the Malaysian Airlines airplane was shot down by Kiev in a false flag terror event, not by Russia, but of course the mainstream media isn't reporting this. I have not forwarded the many, many reports about this because, well, there are so many, but if you want to know more, PLEASE ASK AND I WILL FORWARD THEM TO YOU AND THEN YOU WILL KNOW TOO, FOR A FACT, THAT RUSSIA WAS NOT BEHIND THE DOWNING OF THE AIRLINER OVER UKRAINE.


US Troops March and Drive Into Eastern Ukraine Bearing Nazi Insignia and Mass-Death
July 27, 2014
Source: Eric Zuesse
This summarizes a new video,
filmed during 2-24 July 2014, uploaded to youtube on July 27th:

“Azov recruits” are the Ukrainian Obama regime’s elite SS force, shown swearing their oaths, proudly holding WolfsAngel (German Nazi-insignia) flags.

Mothers in western Ukraine are interviewed, disgusted with nazi rulers sending their sons to murder people in the east.

(They know that these leaders are nazis, not only because of the insignia and slogans, but because of the massacres that started in Odessa on 2 May 2014, burning alive there hundreds of people in the Trade Unions Building, who protested there the coup-installed regime.)

“They took our people as volunteers!” (I.e.: mothers protest conscripting their sons to become murderers.)

“New Ukrainian Democracy: Forcefully driving cattle for slaughter.”

Picture is shown of those conscripts being driven into battle.

“Ukrainian Soldiers Film Their Dead in Donbass” (pictures are shown being taken of charred corpses, who were burned alive.)

Tanks come pouring into the area.

Tanks fire against holdouts.

Inside these tanks, there are celebrations of kills.

“Ukrainian Army Entering Slovyansk: July 5, 2014.”

9:53: Weapons are being offloaded, one box covered by a trooper’s jacket, with a huge swastika resting on it [the resistance-fighters are anti-nazis, not pro-nazis, and this jacket looks like it's probably from one of the officers].
Tanks shoot toward a city and kill someo
ne burning in flames.

11:50-15:50: scared residents talk. “We want them to not suppress us.” “I just saw from a window how these defenders [troops of Kiev] arrived, and took put a bag on a man’s head, put him in a trunk, and loaded him [the 'trunk'] up. I was shaking.” “It [the war] is needed to [by Ihor] Kolomoysky [Obama's man].” “Look how many homes are destroyed.” “We were given [called] names, ‘separatists,’ ‘terrorists,’ ‘collaborators,’ whatever the hell this word means.” “Understand that if we take [opinions of] the population [into account], 75% voted for the [breakaway] republic, and 25% didn’t come to the referendum [didn't vote].” (Those people saw what had happened to the people inside the Odessa Trade Unions Building on May 2nd, and the massacres since.)

16:00: “Today at 11 AM a plane came by. The first hit was on the village… There were no armies, nor soldiers, nor separatists. … People were simply sitting inside their homes. And here he released his torpedoes. … People died for nothing.” “Not a single Ukrainian [government] correspondent came to [film] this misery. All the ones that came were Russian. … Where are our Ukrainian journalists?”

19:30: [soldier] “We are the law.” [crowd] “What law? Where were you when people burned alive in Odessa?” “Fascists!” “F–king Right Sector scumbags!” “Get out of here, Bandera’s [Nazi] scum!”
“Glory to Berkut [the former local police force, who were disbanded by Obama's people]!”

The bottom line from this is: Ukraine’s troops are mainly conscripts, not (like Obama and his people) outright Nazis. They weren’t prepared to be sheer murderers. But their commanders are demanding that they be, and reward the ones who are.

22:30: Tanks fire rounds of bombs into Slovyansk area.

Almost an hour more of death, destruction, and corpses, are shown.

1:16:32: “The result is horrifying. … The scary thing is that deaths of civilians leave some indifferent, and some even enter into ecstasy. … You know, Russian TV channels are [now] banned. … It is most likely not a democracy. It is a dictatorship.”

1:17:55: [mother in the west] “Why take our children there [as conscripts] it they [residents] call them [the west’s troops] ‘Banderites’ [Ukrainian nazis]? … This is not a nation anymore. … How many lies! Why do they divide the people?”

1:21:08 Obama’s failed choice to become the new Ukrainian President, Yulia Tymoshenko, is on the phone: “Damn, we’ve got to arm up and go kill these damn kitsaps [their term like for 'niggers' or 'kikes' but actually here for Russians].” [Question: "What do we do with eight million Russians who are left on the territory of Ukraine?" Tymoshenko's answer:] … We['ve] got to shoot them.”

Americans’ tax dollars are here shown at work, as per Obama’s and congressional Republicans’ desires. Congressional Democrats have remained quiet on this, because they don’t want to separate from and condemn a “Democratic” President.

America has sunk this low, on account of evil lying Obama and Republicans, plus, on the other side, spineless silent bought-out Democrats. Is this a country to be proud of? Who would have the nerve, or stupidity, or bold evil, to say that it is, before all of the responsible repulsive American politicians (like all of the ones who voted to invade Iraq) are voted out of office and replaced by decent people, so that America can be restored (if it still can be)?

This video is the surface of a deep scandal, which goes right back to Washington DC.

See the video here:


  I agree with you about the suppression of secession. Any time there is significant support among people in a particular region for a vote on secession, such a vote should be allowed to occur, and if the majority of voters in the region vote to secede from the larger political jurisdiction under whose administration the region falls, then it should be allowed to become independent or join a different political jurisdiction -- even in cases where residents unwisely seek to have a region become part of a *less* free jurisdiction, as may be the case with people in Eastern Ukraine vis-a-vis Russia.

  However I do have a few questions about some other aspects of your comments:

• Why do you call the Ukrainian a "regime" when the new president was just popularly elected -- do you have reason to believe that election was rigged and did not reflect the will of most people in Ukraine?

• How can the Ukrainian government be "notoriously corrupt" when the government there is brand new? If you're talking about the history of recent Ukrainian governments, isn't that a charge that can be leveled with equal accuracy against the Putin regime in Russia? (I deliberately use the term "regime" because I think Putin has been in power long enough, and acted in an authoritarian enough manner, to warrant that description.)

• What is the "overwhelming" evidence that the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines flight was a "false flag" event staged by the Ukrainian government? (Please post an article or two that contain what you consider the most credible evidence here)

• If the Ukrainian government was behind the downing of the flight, why were rebels not allowing prompt access by Dutch and other investigators to the crash site to learn what happened?

Love & Liberty,
                              ((( starchild )))

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