US Gets Real Tough With North Korea and bans ipod sales to N. Korea.

Dear Dr. Mike;

That is of course if the consumers would be allowed by Friendly Leader II to have access to iTunes or Napster or so on and that ain't very likely - the only ones who could and would are limited to the 600 or so annointed ones of the Inner Circle.

For some interesting tidbits it has been postulated very correctly when the US forced a foreign bank in Macau which Jong and his allies used to shut down their accounts - costing Jong and his allies several millions of hoarded US dollars - in a pique he ordered the missle firings.

In further retaliation his government has produced some extremely and I do mean extremely high quality forged $100 US bills even down to the type of rag used and an extremely similar type of ink. The Secret Service and Treasury Departments tracked the forgeries to N. Korea and viola the Macua Bank accounts were closed.

It was presumed the walk softly but carry a big stick was the US lining up all the international banks to basically declare the Macua Bank and ALL of its accounts persona non gratis in their countries for international bank wires - AND that got their attention and subsequently Jong II really tricked off.

For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction - N. Korean missile test were one heck of a reaction.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian