URGENT - Request LPSF officers vote to endorse this event

I'd like to get us added to the list of endorsing organizations.

Love & Liberty,
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I have telephoned most of the people who live in California who are friends or acquaintances, asking each to vote NO on Prop. 14.

It changes the requirements for a party to remain ballot-qualified, and would dump us off the ballot, and the ballot pamphlet does not mention this characteristic. The voters won't know this from reading the ballot pamphlet.

Currently, we stay on because we always get 2% of the vote for a statewide office in a midterm year. Under Prop. 14 parties don't have nominees in midterm years, so that won't work any more. Prop. 62, the November 2004 top-two measure defeated by the voters, did not have that flaw. Prop. 62 eased the alternate registration test to one-third of 1%, which would solve that problem. The people who wrote Prop. 14 could have done the same thing but they chose not to.

Furthermore, the entire campaign for the measure is based on the argument that it would create more moderate politicians. But the political scientists who actually studied polarization and partisanship in state legislatures say there is no correlation. The Political Scientists are Boris Shor (who found that Washington state has the nation's 2nd most polarized state legislature, yet they use the Prop. 14 system), Seth Masket, and Eric McGhee, agree. But the press won't report this.

Hi Richard,

I have been a lot more direct than you. Prop 14 is a bare-faced attempt to eliminate input from third parties. If it passes, perhaps there is no point with a lot of activists like me investing any more time with supporting third party candidates. I am hoping the folks on this list figure that out, and start e-mailing their family, friends, and co-workers.