URGENT - Re: [lpsf-activists] Bad news - Update on filing for Supervisor - RIDE NEEDED

I'm getting the sense that there isn't that much interest in whether I make it on the ballot or not. But if anyone wants me to pursue the long-shot of challenging the Elections Department's signature-count in the hopes of getting one extra signature validated, I'm willing to try to track down the signer below and file a challenge, if someone is available today to drive up to the Twin Peaks area. If not, then I will not be a candidate for Supervisor in District 8 this year.

  I don't think it's worth the trouble of running as a write-in candidate, because with rare exceptions like Tom Ammiano's widely publicized 1999 write-in candidacy for mayor, the media and interest groups generally don't take write-in candidates seriously or invite them to speaking engagements, those opportunities to get the libertarian message out being the main reason to run.

Love & Liberty,
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