URGENT - Anybody available to go with me to Nancy Pelosi's house? Media doings...

There's an anti-war protest happening there. I left a message for Phil -- hopefully he's already there, but I haven't heard back from him. The media creature is definitely stirring in response to the press release about the prostitution measure qualifying for the ballot -- I just did an interview with a reporter from CNN radio network, and have gotten calls from the local NBC and CBS TV affiliates looking to interview. The guy from NBC mentioned he was going to be headed over to the Code Pink demonstration at Pelosi's residence. It occurred to me that this would be a good location to do interviews for the prostitution measure -- if I go there, I can tell the CBS guy to meet me over there. Good two-fer! It's a fairly long hilly bike ride from where I am in the Castro however, and am reluctant to bike over there and look all sweaty and disheveled on TV and maybe get there later. May take a cab if push comes to shove, but would love it if somebody's around and can drive.

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It was a good event Starchild. I was there with Angela Keaton (a little
tired after being out all night with you last night...:>)) and Marc
Joffe. There were about 40-50 people there with Channel 7. People said
it was on live at 5PM. Three protestors crossed the police lines and got
arrested. Code Pink was fabulous as usual.

The AntiWar.com event at Francoise Fielding's place was also excellent.
Thank you Francoise.

A fine week for activism all around SF if you ask me. Congrats Starchild
on your big success. Excellent work!