URGENT ACTION - SF Chronicle wage restriction poll - Vote NOW

The San Francisco Chronicle is running a poll on the city's new wage restriction law. Right now a bare majority of respondents are giving it the thumbs down. Vote here:


  Don't wait too long, this poll will probably only be up a very short time!

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Interesting that the poll consists of 3 pro and 1 anti wage restriction choices. I've sent feedback to the Chronicle about this.

-- Steve

It's so sad. The Chronicle always tries to claim that it's not politically
biased. In fact, the Chronicle-editorial-page-editor moderator of last
night's Commonwealth Club forum on gay marriage called the one and only
anti-gay-marriage questioner from the audience to the front of the line "to
prove the Chronicle isn't biased." And it was an ex-gay dyke with a buzz
haircut. I kid you not.

Anyway, for all its bending over backwards whenever possible to claim that
it's not biased, why the heck does the Chronicle always stack the deck in
its online polls? The one below has three choices saying that the wage
restriction is a good idea, and only one choice saying that it's a bad idea.