UPDATED Version of The Mises Institute Austrian Quiz

Dear All;

The Mises Institute has an UPDATED version of the
25 question Austrian quiz. Take the quiz to see how
much knowledge you have on Austrian economics.


At the end of the quiz is an email box to have
the results emailed to you.

Personally speaking I did - AHEM - score a perfect
100/100 and have the email results to show it.

How smart of an Austrian Economist are you
Mr. or Ms. Libertarian???


Special note: Each question has a choice of four
answers. Take the time to read each answer choice.
While no attempt was made to confound or confuse
test takers a little thought is required to make
your choices. The answer choices cover
Austrian - Chicago School - Keynes - Socialism.

Some of the choices for answers will get a laugh.
But that is the way some of our bestest and
brightest economists think on economic matters.
This skewed economic thinking has a dramatic
and in a lot of cases a drastic impact on our lives
once they start influencing our dearly beloved
muddle-brained politicians from the president
on down.

This is even more crucial given the nature of
the current MSM and political rah rah rah for
a new FDR New Deal which in reality during
those times was an FDR Raw Deal. See this
Mises article about a new book about the
FDR Raw Deal.


The second URL is about Fascism Coming to
America thank you FDR.


This third URL is for the seminal work
by John T. Flynn about FDR and Fascism
in Amerika. At the head of the article is a
down-loadable PDF for the whole book:
As We Go Marching.


Buyers beware beware about Obama. There is no
change there. Just look at the appointments
he has made. Belt Way all the Way.

Then there is that TRILLION dollar
stimulus package without earmarks. Unh Hunh!

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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