Updated list of coalition members and next steps

Hi All! That's us on the list below. Despite the highlighted sentence below, folks got into a spirited discussion and there were at least 25 emails in one day regarding strategy against Plan Bay Area. It looks like there will be a big bruha by the coalition on July 18, the date of the final meeting in Oakland when the plan will almost certainly be officially adopted. I'm going to that meeting for sure. Will also try to get the East Bay LP to sign on too, as it would be nice to see another Libertarian chapter listed on the coalition, not just Republican and Tea Party groups. Please consider joining us on July 18.


Hi Mike! Oakland Marriott City Center-West Hall-1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607.

Thanks for asking!

Wow! Just read the "Executive Summary" on the PRI report. A must read! Thanks for posting it, Aubrey. Example: "The land-use policies of Plan Bay Area could exacerbate housing affordability in the Bay Area by forcing all development into relatively small areas." DUH! These Plan Bay Area guys are truly nuts.