UPDATE TO: Pictures Show Perry Physically Intimidating Ron Paul

UPDATE TO: Pictures Show Perry Physically Intimidating Ron Paul
Steve Watson
Sept 8, 2011
Alex Jones Comment: Ron Paul’s campaign needs to make a public statement on this incident. Perry’s thuggish behavior is identical to how he confronted me in a Mexican restaurant several years ago.

Pictures taken during a commercial break in the GOP debate at the Reagan Presidential Library document how Texas Governor Rick Perry attempted to physically intimidate Congressman Ron Paul, prompting Paul’s security to intervene.

Photographs published by the AP and Reuters show a stern looking Perry holding Paul’s wrist and waving a finger in his face.

Reports by Fox News and International Business Times state that during the break Perry “walked up to Paul’s podium, physically grabbed Paul’s wrist, and pointed at Paul’s face with his other hand.”

A third man, said to be Paul’s security guard, is seen approaching the podium in the picture.

Another photo shows Perry with arms outstretched, leaning in towards Paul engaging in what may be considered lively conversation to say the least. Some Paul supporters have suggested that the shot shows that Perry physically forced Paul away from his own podium during the commercial.

The two candidates were situated directly next to each other during the firey televised debate.

Before the exchange took place, Paul and Perry locked horns in a sharp exchange of words, with the Congressman calling out Perry on his support for ‘HillaryCare’ and his issuance of an executive order to forcibly vaccinate 12-year-old girls against HPV.

Ron Paul’s latest campaign ad, which ran during the debate commercials, also targeted Perry, exposing his previous record as a Democrat and his intimate links to Al Gore’s 1988 Presidential campaign.

The images clearly indicate that Perry tried to physically intimidate the Congressman. The two campaigns have been asked to clarify what actually occurred during the exchange.

If there's one thing establishment politicians hate, it's being exposed as outright FRAUDS.

Well, thanks to our latest TV ad and last night's debate, counterfeit conservative Rick Perry is being FORCED to answer for his Big Government record as Governor of Texas.

If you've seen the photos of Rick Perry after yesterday's debate, it sure looks like he's ready for a fight.

For those of you who were wondering what was said during the Rick Perry v. Ron Paul exchange photos from this debate consider this view:

      Message for Rick Perry:
      What's the Matter, Rick? Can't you debate with facts? Dude, you are losing it. All you are doing with this childish behavior is showing how desperate you are to avoid the truth.

      Now people are wondering what would happen if you had your finger on the nuclear trigger?
      Do not try grabbing Ron Paul again!! People might get upset, and we wouldn't want anything like that to happen to you.

      Always a gentleman, Ron Paul, Guardian, watchful protector of our liberty

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  Remember that Perry ordered the 2007 FLDS raid and during Hurricane Rita, ordered a 'mandatory' evacuation of Houston. He then set up police checkpoints outside of town and rounded up 'illegal' immigrants and people with outstanding warrants.

  Perry 'privatized' the Texas prison system, selling it a consortium in which Cheney has a financial interest. The Texas prison system has been under scrutiny from international human-rights groups. I might be wrong about this, but I seem to remember reading that Perry was involved in the 1993 Waco Massacre in some capacity.

  In short, thuggery is right in line with Perry's character.