Update: Rideshare at risk of suspension in California

Nicely said, Jeff! I do think this discussion is more appropriate for the LPSF-Discuss list, which I’m copying on this response although still not sure my emails are going through to either list. I’d encourage folks to post further discussion in this thread to the Discuss list unless there’s some local activism or party business angle to talk about.

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From: “‘Jeffrey Yunes’ jeff@yunes.us [lpsf-activists]”

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For what it's worth, LP Alameda has recommended a YES vote on Prop 22. LP
Contra Costa is considering it, too.

Is there a libertarian argument for prohibiting them from operating?

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I just saw this morning that the state excom, among those voting,
unanimously supported recommending a Yes vote on Prop 22 (11y, 0n, 0a,