Update on signatures for Phil's petition

Dear Rob;

So then everyone who is on the lpsf activists and discuss list who lives in the 8th Congressional District and is registered Libertarian has signed the petition?

I do believe this would be somewhere around 100 or so from both lists - yes - no - maybe?

Are all those people signatures on the petition yes - no - maybe?

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Actually, that is one thing. Does anyone have a good email or phone
number for Richard Winger? There are 2 registered Libertarians at his
address, but we've not been able to reach him yet.

Otherwise, of people in lpsf-activists who aren't bouncing or outside
CD-8 (indeed outside of SF altogether, which is about 1/3 of the people
by my estimation), I think we've got everyone.

Of the lpsf-discuss list, it looks like half the members are from
outside SF. But I confess that I don't know everyone on that list. Yet
I'd still estimate that the list of people on our various email lists
AND who are registered Libertarian AND who live in CD-8 is probably 25
at best, not 100.

But, just in case you're right about the 100, I've been sending my
notices (pleas) to all 3 lpsf email lists, and nobody new is stepping
forward. I think we're stuck rounding up signatures from people who
have never attended one of our meetings or joined one of our email
lists. Frankly, that's more than half of the people whose signatures we
currently have.


Ron Getty wrote: