Update on signatures for Phil's petition

Thanks to Marcy driving me around, and Richard Fogel not only giving me
his signature, but the signatures of 2 other people in his building, we
were able to collect 8 signatures in just two hours tonight.

(I know that doesn't seem spectacular, but that's much better than we've
done any day up to this point in this election cycle.)

So, by my count, I have 18, Chris has 9, and Starchild has at least 1
(his own). Bryce has offered to print out a nomination form and sign it
and serve as the circulator for it (taking it to City Hall himself).
And we have Phil's that he got notarized in Baltimore.

So, that makes 30, right? We're SOOOOO close. Ideally, we will get
another 15, just to be safe. I know Starchild was making calls tonight
and is hoping to get some signatures at the prostitution
decriminalization gathering he's hosting tomorrow night. And I'm going
to meet David tomorrow and get his signature. I'm also hoping to get
Mark Johnson's signature tomorrow night. I've also called one of my
neighbors in my apartment complex and left a message, and Starchild gave
me the name of someone who works in an office near me. Also, I think
Chris is trying to match up people on Phil's previous petition to
registered Libertarians in the database, so we may get a few more out of

Anyone else got ideas for who we can contact? We're almost done. Let's
not slack off now.