Update on next meeting location

Dear Ron,

It felt like Kafka, actually! But, I remained oh soooo polite, asked all the right questions, and agreed with all the answers. Again, I need to mention the new show "V" (maybe not so new by now), of which this orientation reminded me. The rooms are clean, nice, convenient, and FREE. However, as "V" asks, what do you give up in order to get this largess? What do you perpetrate? But, since I do not have a good alternative suggestion for our LPSF meetings at this time, I was the soul of cooperation!

BTW, indeed the rooms are very nice. However, they have no fresh air (the opposite of the Richmond Community Room!). And the librarian said the door needs to stay closed because there are people reading and studying just outside the room. So, if you do not like stuffy rooms, bring a table fan (it needs to be a table fan, not a floor fan, because a floor fan would be "equipment", and thus prohibited without advanced prior permission).