UPDATE - Community Policing Survey

Dear Everyone;
  Rcently a community survey was posted for responses. This article in todays Examiner appears to be a follow up and also endorses "community policing". This is something our proposed police initiative also ask for.
  The survey is here at this site: http://safetynetwork.org
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian
  This is the original info sent by Chris Madsen and some Libertarian responses which could be used.
"Christopher R. Maden" <crism@...> wrote:
  The "community alerts" mailing list I'm on received a request to take a
community safety survey. It seems intended to justify increased spending
on various safety programs; the more libertarians that take it, the
better. The original notice, with link, is below. A couple of sample
questions, with my answers:

24. What do you think are the most
important services/programs for the
City of San Francisco to fund?

Focus police activity on violent crime,
rather than wasting time on homeless
roundups, drug user busts, and other
victimeless "crimes".

25. Anything else you�d like to share with us?

A strong community is the key to a safe
and healthy society. I don't think the
city needs to spend more money; if
anything, much of the city wastage is part
of the problem.

Here's part of the original message, with the survey link:

Dear Community Members:
   Please help us to identify public safety
concerns in your community by completing
the Safety Network public safety online
survey. You may complete the survey by


  Your participation is required in order to
ensure that future public safety
enhancements in your community reflect your
needs. Safety Network will compile the
results of the city-wide public safety survey
and distribute the results to
community members, San Francisco City
Government, District Supervisors,
community-based organizations and the Mayor's
Office. Using the results of the
public safety survey, we will be working with
the community, the Mayor's Office,
and other stakeholders to develop a district-
based action agenda to enhance and
improve public safety in your neighborhood.