Unofficial Libertarian Party survey / Place to share ideas for the LP

I am seeking to get an independent libertarian petition site developed where members of the public can sign pro-freedom petitions and LP members can additionally sign (and hopefully work on draft language for) petitions directed to the Libertarian National Committee in support of various ideas for motions they'd like the LNC to adopt. But in the meantime, I discovered this site and decided to try it out and see how the experiment goes.

  As the welcome message states,

This page is here so libertarians can share ideas and give feedback about how the Libertarian Party should be run. I've seeded it with some ideas I think would be positive changes for our party. You're welcome to add your own as well as give feedback on those listed.

  This URL will explain the basic concept and get you started:

  The user name to enter in order to vote is "libertarianparty" and the password to vote is "Non-Aggression" (it does seem to be case-sensitive). Please feel free to share this info around the libertarian community. I made voting password-protected simply to minimize the number of spam questions and random votes from non-libertarians who might stumble across it on the site and don't have any particular interest in evaluating ideas and selecting or contributing those they think are best for our party.

  I'm not sure how this will turn out, but am hopeful that it will at the least get more LP members and others in the libertarian community thinking about how the Libertarian Party operates and what we ought to be doing. Ideally it will give valuable feedback to party leaders about what libertarians want to see us focus on, produce good ideas that we can use, and motivate more people to get involved in directly running the party, making it more grassroots and bottom-up.

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