Unintended Consequences - Forced Mandatory Compulsory Schooling

Dear Eric,

If your "orderly transition" will be organized or overseen by the
Govt, I'm skeptical.

How do you like the orderly way they transitioned from private to Govt
roads, which now murder 40,000 travelers annually?

Warm regards, Michael

I think the government could put up certain standards for licensing, but the transition would have to be carried out by a combination of local governments and private organisations. I'm afraid what would happen would be much of the same kind of 'privatisation' we saw under Bush where public monopolies were merely farmed out to corporate ones.

The problem is that this kind of transition wouldn't be as easy as many people think. Yeltsin tried a market transition in Russia for some industries and it created a vaccuum that ended up being filled by the mafia. The same would likely happen here; if the public schools disappeared overnight; groups like the religious right would move in because they're already positioned for just such a 'hostile takeover'.

One possible alternative might be to have the transition overseen by a commission made up of representatives from successful foreign educational systems who would not be beholden to domestic special interests.