UN Conquers Texas - Agenda 21


We can't forget about the local interests who will be profiting from the planning and enforcement. Don't forget this is about police-powers over your property. Who do you think will be executing those powers?

Thank you Mike! This is one of the best insights into Agenda 21 I have seen. It is important that LPSF develop a solid plan of action to let the public know about these plans. So far, the plans of action I have seen concentrate on attending meetings and speaking out. That is good, but I believe that the real power lies on understanding that Agenda 21 implementation depends less on Federal funding and more on local funding as exemplified in the City Proposition C (Housing Trust Fund) which voters will weigh in November 6.


Heather is the best leader of the opposition to agenda 21, SB375, regional planning, etc. in the Bay Area. She has been hammering all of the community meetings around the Bay.

I hope it's ok if forward this conversation to her and that she joins our discussion?

Hi John,

Speaking for myself, I say great. Again, you all remember that this list is public, anyone can read what we say here.