UK Gaurdian: Shoe thrower tortured

Dear DragonLord;

First you need to understand the culture of Iraq where throwing a shoe at someone is considered the ultimate insult.

Then you need to consider what Bush did to Iraq.

Couple hundred thousand occupying troops after 5 and a half years. Totally screwed up infrastructure for electricity and water. Totally screwed up economy. Several million Iraquis are refugees in other countries with very few Iraquis allowed as refugees into the USA. Wholesale ethnic cleansing of neighborhoods all throughout Baghdad most of the time with the complicity of US troops who stand by and allow it. Several hundred thousand Iraquis civilians murdered and severla hundreds of thousands wounded. Disease pestilence rife throughout the land. Women who had made some strides under Saddam Hussein relegated back to the Iraqi version of Kinder Kuche Kirche. ( Children Kitchen Church). Women had been able to run for election and had been elected - ooop guess what has happened today. Medical care virtually non-exeisntent as doctors who could have left the country. Medical supplies are short food is short. Life in Irqa is Hell.

Christians and their religion who had been allowed under are being forced out of the country fearful for their lives. Side note in IRAN their is a Jewish community which is very much alive and active including representation in their parliament.

In any other time Bush would have been tried by the International Court in Hague for crimes against humanity and then hung by the neck until dead just like Saddam Hussein.

The fact is for the culture of Iran the journalist did what he had to do to express the insult Bush has visited on Iraq and Iraquis. His being beaten and tortured is beyond the pall as long as Bush is beyond beinbg tried fore his cromes against humanity.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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