Two Stories About Police Activities Of Ineterst To Our Police Petition

Dear Everyone;

On the police petition newsfront some news from Examiner columnist Ken Garcia and the homicides in SF. Part of the down turn has been gang task forcing and using FEDERAL laws for murder - racketeering - gun possession with the focus on black on black gang homicides and weapons and narcotics trafficking.

Another story had a massage parlor being shut down after an investigation showed the massage parlor had been a front for prostitution for SEVEN YEARS!!!!!!! That's really being on top of things so to speak.

To paraphrase Claude Rains as Capitain Renault in Casablanca: I'm shocked I'm shocked there's illegal sex going on in the backroom!!!

Makes one wonder what happened to the payoff to keep someone quiet where no one suspected for SEVEN YEARS???

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian