Two Stories About How Bad Things Are Becoming For the Troops In Iraq

Dear Everyone;

Two stories which tells the tale of the sad shape of the US Occupation in Iraq.

The first is how troops have to be shuffled around to provide the necessary personnel for suppression of attacks and how there aren't enough troops to do this and keep the lid on the other parts of the Iraq.

The simple rule of thumb developed over years of hard on the ground experience is 15 - 20 troops per terrorists -insurgent - guerilla - freedom fighter. This means as former Army Chief of Staff Shinseki truthfully said before Rumsfield gave him the boot for being truthful - 300,000 infantry troops against an estimated 20,000. Currently the figures fluctuate around 150,000 troops which is half the amount needed and is even less when support troops are factored out of the equation.

The other serious story is how the equipment is being destroyed through wear and tear not including those destroyed through IED's. The equipment is not rotated out with the troops but is left behind for the next batch. So the crucially needed repair, upkeep and maintenance is not being done at the levels required. As a result the equipment the troopers need to complete their mission and protect themselves is literally falling apart.

Did I mention this will require some $13 billion dollars in one year alone?

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian