Have been arrested ... [and released]

for attempting to participate in a DEBATE THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN invited to. Michael Badnarik, nominated by about 950 Libertarian Party, delegates in ATLANTA and David Cobb of the Green Party both crossed the police lines to enter into the DEBATEs they were wrongfully excluded from. Michael BADNARIK was also attempting to SERVE NOTICE on a Legal action to prevent the ARIZONA DEBATE for being partisan illegally on Arizona State Property.

Badnarik spent some unpleasant hours in jail, and was released. He faces a trespass ticket for walking on "public property", and crossing a Police line.

Clearly, being on 48 state ballots, Mr. Badnarik had a right to be IN the debate if it is really about hearing differing viewpoints. Bush and Kerry tried hard to sound like they differ, but the both were for "universal draft", now both say they oppose it, but will carry on the Endless Wars. Where is the difference?

As Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Santa Barbara, I call on all Americans to show their disgust with the major party bias against INclusion by not voting for either Democrats or Republicans. That is the strongest message you can send. Vote on Propositions and chose from the other candidates, Badanrik, Nader & Cobb.

What happened last night in St. Louis, was the tell-tale of the fall of real democracy in America. The police, like Nazi Brown shirts, simply followed orders. Forces hidden from any democratic review decide WHO should be in Polls, WHO can be in debates, and THEN, they say it is a fair electionl.

Time to Boycott both Kerry and Bush just to send the message we will not tolerate the arresting of two legitimate candidates who should have been IN the debates.

What will you do to encourage Americans to NOT vote for either of the major Parties at all levels?

William Wagener
Chairman, Santa Barbara Libertarian Party.
Tv Host of On Second Thought on Comcast Cable in S.B.
Ch-22, 4pm M, W, Friday and Friday at 7pm
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