Two neighborhood meetings tomorrow night (Thurs. 5/9)

Two neighborhood meetings happening tomorrow night...

  I'm planning to go to the Rad Mission Neighbors; we will be voting on a mission statement and probably talking about Supervisor Hillary Ronen's budget request:

Hi everyone,

A reminder that our May meeting is coming up this Thursday May 9 at 6:30 in 301 in the Redstone Building.

Hopefully we will have updates from Wednesday's budget hearing and will continue other recent discussions.

A reminder that we will be VOTING on our Procedures and Points of Unity, so please come to discuss and vote on those! You need to be present to vote, so we hope this will be a big meeting. To remind you, they are:

You are an RMN member if you are on this listserv! Hi!
Membership on the listserv is gained by attending something in person and saying you want to join
In order to represent RMN at a meeting, you must:
1) tell the listserv you are doing so
2) agree to adhere to our core principles when speaking as an RMN member (below)
3) report back to the group via email what transpired at the meeting and your role
At each month's meeting, we will select a volunteer pair of mobilization chairs who for the following month will
do rapid response and moderation of our email threads
do facebook and email invitations for the following meeting and any interim events
*Points of Unity*
We’re here as neighbors and we affirm our right to have a future in the Mission
We are against homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, state violence, and prisons
We do not believe the police create safer conditions for sex workers or anyone
We affirm all people's right to use public space like sidewalks, street, parks, transit zones
We demand city resources for public health including safe housing and medical care
We oppose the Sex Abatement Unit at Mission PD and we want it dissolved!
We affirm that discussions of safety and quality of life should prioritize the needs of the most vulnerable: those living and working on the streets.. Safety and quality of life are not the exclusive property of those with fixed addresses, who already enjoy greater levels of safety
We support community and individual self-determination, and we affirm that people who live or work on the streets are members of the community. The community includes anyone who wants to be part of it. We reject the primacy of people with a fixed address in our conception of community.
We advocate for full and unequivocal decriminalization of sex work, NOT legalization with its attendant red tape or state oversight (ie the Nordic model/Canadian Prop 64)
We assert that sex work is work, that sex workers are entitled to the same rights and protections and subject to the same constraints as other workers making choices about their bodies and their labor under capitalism
We are intersectional feminists. We reject approaches to sex work legislation that use women’s or children’s safety as a way to deny resources to those same populations
We reject the stigmatization of sex work on any and all grounds.
We do not take government money, to stay accountable to the community and not the state
See you soon.


  The Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council is also meeting, to discuss alcohol permits – if you can make it, voices are needed to counter the irrational fears over allowing "too many" businesses in an area to sell alcohol and defend the right of business owners to make their own choices and customers to patronize them, or not: