Two hearings at SF City Hall today/Inquiry

Turns out I misunderstood the email below -- the Rec & Park Commission didn't actually vote on 701 Lombard yesterday. Brian simply wanted to do some preemptive public feedback before they scheduled a vote, because as he told me at City Hall outside the hearing room, because voting is sometimes a mere formality after the real decision has been made behind the scenes.

  There was also some interesting maneuvering going on at the Rec & Park Commission. It turns out they were voting on their annual budget. Commissioner Jim Lazarus (former aide to Diane Feinstein who narrowly lost the race for city attorney last go-round) tried and failed to engage in some nefarious political gamesmanship. I'll write some commentary on this and the late-night hearing for the LPSF weblog later.

  One of the young dance advocates at the hearing told me his beliefs are basically Libertarian. I gave him some literature and got his email address, so I'll send him an inquiry-response email.

Yours in liberty,
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