Two articles on Iraq

Dear Starchild;

What the second article does not say is anything about the " ad hoc " private intellegence committee Cheney - Rumsfield - Rove directed behind the scenes. They did collect lots of intelligfence material and without true intelligence oversight " cooked the books " on what they thought they had to reflect what they needed.

However, it is extremely unlikely the Bush appointed Blue Ribbon committee will come anywhere close to investigating these private intelligence commmittees. The same committees which drove the decision making on so called WMD as the excuse to invade Iraq.

And if everyone is so hot to get WMD out of the Middel East when does Bush plan on invading Israel? It is acknowledged fact that Israel does have both tactical and strategic nuclear weapons. These nuclear weapons were started on in the early 1950's with France helping Israel start a nuclear facility using Norwegian heavy water. And Israel also has both biological and chemical wepoans currently in its arsenal.

When Egypt invaded Israel over the Suez during the Yom Kippur war Israel was being pushed back and was starting to seriously activate its nuclear strike force. Luckily the tide of battle changed in time but it was a close call.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

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