Two Articles of Interest

Dear Everyone;

Two interesting articles.

The first one by Radley Balko, a Libertarian columnist, is about the need to fight the erosion of property rights. When you consider the eminent domain battle we had here about buying that park space his article about the need to battle such things is very correct.,2933,115088,00.html

This second article is by a director at the Cato Institute. Its a good reminder of how the 4th Amendment not only " protects criminals " as you see on those courtroom TV dramas. It also is meant to protect law-abiding citizens from the Polizei.

He mentions the Hiibel case which the US Supreme Court is due to hear this month. The guy got arrested in Nevada simply because he refused to identify himself. Although he was literally not doing anything to cause the police officer to demand his name and ID. Hiibel rightly refused to ID himself.,2933,114486,00.html

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian