TSA Prohibits Attitude

Federal Attitude Policy by James Bovard



The TSA's attitude-fine regime may soon become far worse. The TSA is unleashing a horde of "behavior detection officers" into airports, aiming to have 500 spread across the land by the end of this year. The BDOs will be surveilling passengers for "body language and facial cues ... for signs of bad intentions." The TSA's latest intrusion is based on an Israeli model. McClatchy Newspapers reported last August that

  Jay M. Cohen, undersecretary of Homeland Security for Science and Technology, said in May that he wants to automate passenger screening by using videocams and computers to measure and analyze heart rate, respiration, body temperature and verbal responses as well as facial micro-expressions.
There is no word yet on whether the TSA will begin fining passengers who break into a sweat because of all the government nonsense they encounter at airports.

Attitude fines exemplify that TSA aims to rule airports by fear. Anyone who is not properly docile can be treated as a public enemy. The attitude fines illustrate how power has gone to the heads of TSA chiefs. Amidst a surge of private and congressional complaints about TSA abuses, the TSA aspires to shut the American people up, once and for all. Intimidating people is the same as protecting them, and exalting federal agents the same as protecting public safety, apparently.

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