Trump did exactly the right thing by pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Trump did exactly the right thing by pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio

I am in general not a supporter of Trump. I did not vote for him.

But Trump did exactly the right thing by pardoning Sheriff Joe.

More than ten million illegal aliens are residing in America who got here
by walking or swimming across the border from Mexico.

Many of them pass through Phoenix Arizona where Sheriff Joe was the sheriff.

There is now an epidemic going on in America where our youth are dying from
drug overdoses of heroin in places like New Hampshire, but most of these
drugs are coming from Mexico. Obama as President was doing almost nothing
to stop them. If someone was caught walking across the desert, he was not
detained and sent back. Instead, he was given a drink of water, an ID card,
a court date, and allowed to proceed.

This was not racial profiling. Members of all races, including Chinese and
Japanese, reside in Mexico. Anybody in America, if he cannot speak a word
of English, and does not have any legal documents in his possession, we can
be sure he is here illegally, regardless of his race.

In the neighborhood where I live in the South Bronx, there are many people
like that, but they say they are from Puerto Rico.

However, in Phoenix Arizona, they do not have any Puerto Ricans there, so
if Sheriff Joe caught them, they were definitely here illegally.

Sheriff Joe would enforce US immigration laws by sending them straight back
to Mexico himself, without burdening the US Immigration Courts.

Sheriff Joe is 100% fluent in Spanish. He has lived for years in Mexico. He
could tell in less than a minute from the accent if a person is from Vera
Cruz or Oaxaca or Totonicapán, just as we Americans can tell by accent
whether an English speaker is from England, or Australia, or South Africa
or New Zealand.

Here in New York, most Spanish speakers say they are from Puerto Rico, but
Sheriff Joe would know in an instant whether they are really from there or
from the Dominican Republic, Mexico or El Salvador because here is where
they come from those places.

This is the reason Sheriff Joe was re-elected again and again by the people
of Phoenix Arizona and they will elect him again if given the chance to do

Sam Sloan