Trump congratulates China on communist rule

Donald Trump yesterday sent a message on Twitter congratulating the dictator Xi Jinping and the Chinese people on 70 years of Communist Party rule:

  This is kind of like congratulating a serial rapist and his victims on a number of successful rapes. Hard to say whether it is more or less disgusting than the U.S. president's previous cozying up to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

  What are conservatives saying about this? What would they be saying if such a message had been sent by Barack Obama or a Democratic president like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren? And what happens when partisanship becomes detached from adherence to any actual principles?

  On the brighter side, according to the Chicago Tribune, the Trump administration has at least been critical of the Beijing regime over its oppression of Uighurs and other minorities. It would be good to see more of that focus and less buttering up of odious dictators and regimes.

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